Logan McIlwain is a licensed clinical social worker in Baton Rouge.

New Patient Information

Thank you for choosing me as your therapist. Please review the following information and follow necessary instructions prior to your first visit.  

If you have any questions, or want to give me some background information before the first session, feel free to email me. Please know that I'm looking forward to meeting with you.

scheduling appointments

 To register as a new patient or to schedule an appointment, click the button here to access the scheduling portal. 

confirmation of appointment

 When creating your online account in the scheduling portal you can elect to have your appointments confirmed through text, email, or automated phone call. However, whether an appointment is confirmed or not, you are still responsible for remembering your appointments and will be charged if you miss.

online account

Upon scheduling an appointment, you should have an account on our scheduling software. If not, see the scheduling appointment portal above to register. Please fill out as much information as possible on your account. Should you forget your username or password please email me. I ask all new clients to provide biographical data in addition to completing the demographic information section. Unfortunately, the system requires each individual seen to have an account; therefore if I am to see multiple children in the family, each must have their own account. However, if you are attending as a couple, please designate one person to list on the account.

Patient forms

Please review, sign, and bring all paperwork to our first visit together – Declaration of Practice and Procedures, and Notice of Privacy Practices Consent Form. If you don't print out the forms, you'll need to allow 10 minutes to fill them in when you arrive so you won't lose any of your therapy time. If this session is for Divorce/Family Mediation or Parenting Coordination, please email me for alternative paperwork. Click the button below to access forms.

therapy and cancellation fees

Please review the attached Declaration of Practices and Procedures for my fee schedule and cancellations policy. Alternate fees apply for Divorce/Family Mediation or Parenting Coordination. Please email me for different fee schedule. Click the button for policies and fee breakdown.